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Tree Pruning Service


‘Tree Surgeon Tamworth’ provides a professional Tree pruning service that can enhance the structure and development of your trees. We use the 3 cut method that allows the tree to heal quickly. Improper removal of branches can lead to the trees being unable to recover from lack of knowledgable work, which can lead to rotting and infection in the cut area’s.

Many of the small branches can be pruned by the homeowner however when those branches are either too thick or too high up in the tree, it can become a much more dangerous task so we’d recommend that you leave this up to the professionals.

This way a professional tree specialist can control the final shape of your trees so that you can have that great looking tree you wanted, looking great in your garden. Again it is important to prune correctly as to not hinder the tree’s health.


The following are a list of reasons why pruning works may need to be carried out:

(1) Trees may be in physical contact with buildings, fences and other infrastructure.
(2) Trees may be growing close to or across a neighbour’s boundary.
(3) Trees may have branches that obstruct or overhang a public road or a public path way.
(4) Large trees in a small garden may prevent the reasonable enjoyment of the property.
(5) Trees may be obscuring sightlines, access, signage and streetlights.
(6) Removal of hazards such as dead or diseased material, broken branches to make a tree safe, or to shape and balance the crown.


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Tick Affordable Prices: We offer very competitive quotes! we are all about offering our services as affordable as economically possible. We want to do a great job for you and want you to be able to get professional help at the right price.

Tick Fully Insured Co: Everything is protected under our insurance policy. So you have no need to worry. We have full coverage on property damage & injury. In 10+ years we have not used it, not a single claim and we plan on keeping it that way, as safety is our top concern.

Tick Keep it Local: We love to serve Tamworth and put a smile on the clients face knowing tht we offer a welcoming service in times of distress when those 80 – 100 mph winds cause havoc on your property, we have seen it all, and we know how to handle all mishaps that come our way in regard to Tree Surgery.

Tick We are here to stay, we’re not going anywhere: We maintain 100% transparency with our clients. If you are ever dissatisfied with our work, we would hope that you would see us as approachable in any instance. We always aim for 100% customer satisfaction. This is our duty and commitment to our clients who we value deeply and want to keep an ongoing business relationship for years to come.

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