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Tree Removal Service


We provide a complete local Tree Removal Service in and around Tamworth. We invest in the best equipment and we are a fully insured company so that your family and your home as well as our tree surgery crew are safe. In 10+ years we have not received a single claim, and we plan on keeping it that way.

We can dismantle big trees, grind down tree stumps giving you the abillity to replant the area with new grass or make other use of this now usable piece of ground. We always see the job through till the very end and will consult with you every step of the day. We offer very competitive rates so please save yourself the high risk of felling trees yourself which is very dangerous without the proper equipment or training!


Some Reasons Why We provide the best Tree Removal & Tree Disposal Service


Tick Competitive Pricing: We are always working hard to expand our customer base, we get there by providing quality work at competitive rates. We are interested in long term business relationships that continue into the future. Our philosophy is if we do quick and efficient Tree Removal work AND we have the most competitive prices in Tamworth then we were get much more business in return by word of mouth referrals and repeat business.

Tick Fully Insured Company: all the work we do is covered by insurance so be assured that we are fully complient. We have not had a single claim in 10+ years and we plan on keeping it that way as we take safety on the job very seriously.

Tick Emergency Tree Removal Capability: We have ‘seen it all’ over the last 10+ years of doing Tree Removal work and we are well versed and trained on handling your emergency tree removal needs. We have seen the damage that can be caused from trees falling on houses, cars, light poles, transformers, power lines, middle of the road and pathways. Give us a call so that we can respond to these urgent tree removal requests as quickly as possible. We have the best equipment in the industry to enable us to complete jobs quickly and safely with competitive prices.

Tick Eco-Friendly and Smart Arborists: We don’t just go around cutting trees down for the heck of it. We are true arborists that are conscious of the trees importance to our environment. Trees provide wonderful anchors for aesthetics of your grounds, they provide peaceful shade and home to hundred of species of wildlife. We have deep appreciation and respect for trees especially very old ones such as big oak trees, we want to save trees if at all possible, but we also understand that tree removal can be a necessity in certain situations, you can trust us to handle the situation with care and we always consult with our clients and provide the most eco-friendly options so that we save as much green as possible. We love the lush trees of Tamworth, providing natural beauty and sanctury for wildlife… We want to keep it that way.

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Call us today for a 100% Free Quotation!
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