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Stump Grinding | Tree Stump Removal Service

Our Tamworth Tree Service will remove your unwanted tree stumps and grind them down to mulch/chippings so that the stump area can be re-used to establish a planting area or new grass. We use specialized equipment for the purposes of stump removal.

Tree Stumps can become a breeding ground for unwanted fungi and ‘critters’ that can potentially become a Nuisance and cause harm to surrounding trees. Tree stumps can also be quite dangerous for kids & ‘adults’ running around in the garden in regard to being a tripping hazard. Call us to discuss your needs using the number provided on this website.


What makes us the go-to Tree Stump Removal / Grinding Services in Tamworth


Tick Best Prices: We try to make our stump grinding services as affordable as possible. We try to be as competitive as possible, if you find another company with a better price for ‘like for like services’, let us know and we’ll try to beat it for you.

Tick Fully Insured: all the work we do is covered by insurance so be assured that we are fully complient. We have not had a single claim in 10+ years and we plan on keeping it that way as we take safety on the job very seriously.

Tick Local Tree Grinding & Stump Removal: If you want to save some money it is best to go with a local Tree Surgeon such as us, so that you are not paying extra for a company to drive an hour out to your house. We have been part of Tamworth and surrounding area’s for many years and giving the best tree care service to our community is our mission.

Tick 10+ Years Experience: Above all else, I believe it is our skill set that makes us one of the best tree care companies around, we did not just begin this business yesterday but over 10+ years ago, and we are quite the experts of our tree surgeon craft.

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Call us today for a 100% Free Quotation!
01827 425 177
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